Advice on sleeping positions for pregnant women

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The study looked at nearly 2,400 women , approximately 76 percent of whom reported having poorer sleep quality during pregnancy than at other times, with the sleeping position of pregnant women considered to be an important factor. that will make pregnant mothers sleep comfortably and sleep with better quality Whether pregnant in the first trimester or the third trimester, sleeping with the right sleeping position will have a positive effect on the body of the mother and the baby. In addition, certain sleeping positions should be avoided that can cause pain. And there are health problems that follow.

Advice on sleeping positions for pregnant women

Sleeping position for pregnant women

Lie on your side

Research indicates that The best sleeping position for pregnant women is on their side. Because sleeping on your side helps you breathe better. and reduce pressure in the uterine area. In addition, even during the first trimester Pregnant mothers can sleep on their backs or their stomachs. But the doctor recommends that you should start sleeping on your side from the first trimester of pregnancy because it will help you get used to sleeping on your side. Before having to change to this position as the pregnancy increases

Which side should I sleep on?

Moreover, the American Pregnancy Association also recommends that sleeping on the left side considered the best This is because of sleeping on the left side while pregnant. It helps get the blood pumping and carries nutrients to the placenta and your baby. Moreover, sleeping on the left side also helps keep the uterus away from the liver, which is on the right side of the ufabet body. And when the mother is pregnant Lie in the left side position. Your legs and knees should be bent when lying down. To keep the heart from working too hard

Lie on your back.

It is common for pregnant mothers to sleep on their backs, even if they sleep on their side when going to bed. But for the most part Pregnant women tend to wake up within minutes. after lying on back Because it is a very uncomfortable sleeping position. after the first trimester of pregnancy. Additionally, although sleeping on your back is generally considered safe for pregnant women, But this sleeping position can be uncomfortable. and may cause some health problems And most importantly, doctors often recommend sleeping on your left side. Because it is considered the safest and most comfortable sleeping position for pregnant women.

What to do if you wake up and are in a supine position?

In the case of waking up and being in a supine position Pregnant mothers don’t have to worry. Because of accidentally lying on your back It does not cause serious harm to the fetus. However, You should avoid sleeping in the supine position. After passing through the first trimester of pregnancy To make you sleep longer Including for comfort and good health, so if you wake up and find that you are in a supine position. Let pregnant mothers change their sleeping positions. and continue to sleep As for the reason why it is not recommended to sleep in the supine position? This is due to sleeping on your back while pregnant. This causes the stomach to be in a position above the intestines and major blood vessels. This can increase pressure in the abdominal area. Until it may cause health problems as follows

  • backache
  • breathing problems
  • Digestive problems
  • low blood pressure
  • Hemorrhoids

Lie down on your stomach.

Sleeping on your stomach is something you shouldn’t do. This is because the stomach will put pressure on the enlarged vagina and breasts, which may cause harm to the pregnant mother.

Techniques to help you sleep more comfortably

These techniques will help you sleep more comfortably. and may help protect the fetus While the mother is pregnant while sleeping as follows:

  • Use a pillow as a helper You should put a pillow under your stomach. and put a pillow between his knees You may purchase pillows for pregnant women. This is because the pillow is placed under the body. Can help you sleep in the side position for a long time. And helps prevent sleeping on your back or stomach.
  • In case of shortness of breath A pillow should be placed underneath to elevate the breasts.
  • In case of symptoms of acid reflux The top of the mattress should be raised about 1-2 inches by placing books or sticks under the mattress. To help stomach acid flow down. Instead of flowing back up into the esophagus
  • If you wake up and find that you are in a supine position. Change your sleeping position. You should remember that The body should be allowed to move into a comfortable sleeping position. It’s better than trying to force yourself to sleep on your side all the time. Because it may prevent the pregnant mother from sleeping all night.