Did you know that “sleeping position” can make women happy while they sleep?

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Things in bed or sexual pleasure It often requires the cooperation of the couple. But there are quite a few women who do not reach the point where they can release happiness as much as men. To the point that many people become depressed and bored with sex.

Did you know that “sleeping position” can make women happy while they sleep?

However, sexologist Dr. Jesse O’Leary, host of the podcast Sex With Dr Jess in the UK states that women can experience orgasm. And it can occur while sleeping, no different from men.

In the case of the man, it is called a “wet dream ” which is caused by dreams about sex while sleeping. Which from the results of one study found that Male students have an average of 9 dreams per year about sex in bed.

But for the female Dr. Jesse revealed that. The chance of dreaming such a thing is more difficult. This is because men usually think about the https://ufabet999.app issue under their navel every day. Unlike women who are not obsessed with this matter.

Although dreaming about sex in bed for women. It may not be something that can happen easily. But if you arrange your sleeping position appropriately. Women can be happy to the point they want as well.

By Dr. Jesse stated that Sleeping on her stomach increases the chances of a woman reaching a point of happiness when she sleeps. Because it’s the position that makes it easiest to reach climax. Especially if you have abandoned yourself from enjoying activities in bed for a long time. or have fatigue It will increase your chances of being happy while sleeping.

While age also affects this. Between the ages of 40-50 years, there is a greater chance of having orgasms while sleeping. A survey found that 40 percent of women will have this experience at least once in their lives, but many don’t remember it happening while they were sleeping.