Get to know the meaning and benefits of athletics : Athletics

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Athletics refers to a sport divided into track and field divisions.

     Athletics, or athletics, is a Sanskrit term that refers to a type of physical education activity. Organized in the ” sport ” that is, athletics is a type of sport. It is divided into 2 departments:

     1. Track division – that must have a running path or running path Judging by time and speed, including the 50-meter and 100-meter sprints

     2. Field Division – In this division there must be a field, space or court used for competition. With jumps, throws, dashes and throws, judged by distance or height, includes discus throws, javelin throws, weight throws and high jumps.

The benefits of playing athletics

     1. Help make the muscles complete and strong.

     2. Help the body to have a shape and proportion. have good personality

     3. Help the body to be strong and have resistance to disease.

     4. Help the body to have patience to work. Tired slowly and breathing faster

     5. Improves the nervous system make sleep well

     6. Help the respiratory system better. Breasts are ufabet larger

     7. Helps to make the digestive system and excretory system work better.

     8. Help blood vessels to grow bigger resulting in good blood circulation Make the body get more oxygen as well.

     9. Help to make you have a cheerful, cheerful, joyful mood.