NBA close to “drain the water” to know the championship match this Monday.

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It’s been a full week for all football fans. For both the Euro 2020 and Copa America 2021 football matches live. 

As a result, our Thai football fans won the lottery to be able to watch football as fully as Sergeant Chaeng had previously said last week. I would like to invite you to follow and watch as the “sponsor” is generous, “Aerosoft” shoes of Sia Komol Juangroongruangkit.

But since the brothers and sisters of Sergeant Chang are already doing a detailed report behind the scenes.

Sergeant Chaeng for a long time, gradually jammed one by one… Focusing on his duty “American Games” (which NBA basketball is now intense…) continue as usual… for fans. The Thai Rath sports track has been followed for all tastes.

Recently arrived on the day of writing the manuscript on Friday afternoon, June 18, just got a team to wait for the championship, only one team, namely the Western line, which appears that the Phoenix Suns, the second team of the line, can defeat the Denver Nuggets. The 3rd team of the line has gone 4 games in a row since last Monday.

While in the West as well, another opponent has been fighting for 5 games, it appears that the L.A. Clippers, the No. 4 team, lead the Utah Jazz, the No. 1 team, 3-2 games amid the cheers of the L people. A

Must duel Game 6 on Saturday, June 19, 9 am in our home. If the Clippers win the game 4-2 late into the championship with the Phoenix Suns away.

But if the Utah Jazz wins, it will be 3-3. Must be decided at Game 7 or the last game at 2:30 in the morning on Monday, June 21, our home time.

As the result will end, please do not forget to follow.

As for the eastern route, the water has not yet been drained. 

But it’s almost complete.

Played superbly at home, defeating the Brooklyn Nets overwhelmingly 104-89, equalizing 3-3 games at the most.

causing this pair to fight until the supreme supremacy in the 7th game at 7:00 AM in the morning in our home time Sunday, June 20, to decide who will go up to the podium waiting for the Eastern Championship of this season.

While the Philadelphia 76ers have played five games, the fifth-placed Atlanta Hawks 3-2 games will play Game 6 on Saturday morning (June 19). .) At 6:30 AM in the morning in our home

If Philadelphia wins, it will be on the podium for the Eastern Championship immediately. But if the Atlanta Falcons win, they will draw 3-3 games.

Must go to play the Supreme Court or Game 7 in the morning on Monday at 7 o’clock exactly to decide.

This is also how it ends, we must continue to win without blinking our eyes. but look at the timeline or the program Anyway, no later than noon on Monday (June 21), we will know the championship match of this year’s NBA basketball battle, complete both lines for sure.

Day 1: Russell Henley, US golfer Leading with Luis Usthuizen, the great swinger

From South Africa at -4, but like 3 more days, things can change. Don’t forget to follow the live broadcast on True Visions as always, Fox Sports 2 Channel (or Channel 689).