Rodgers prepares for a big reinforcement at the end of the season

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Northern Irish manager Brendan Rodgers has set plans for a reinforcement at the end of the 2021/22 season after failing to bring in a player in the January transfer window.

Despite being successfully elevated to the top of the English Premier League table. Leicester City is not a team that is ready to spend huge sums of money to bring in new players. Forcing the board to consider carefully. Kick to join the UFABET team even though there are many players involved. But Leicester City choose to only draw players in the problematic position to join the team. Although the players who have moved will do a very good job. But the results Leicester City’s overall outlook is still not satisfactory.

As a result, Leicester City must plan to reinforce their January transfer window. Immediately to stave off a dire situation and have the chance to miss out on next season’s European Cup. But Leicester City were ultimately unable to do well. Even one new player can join the team. Brendan Rodgers admits bringing a player to the team in the January. Transfer window is difficult but has plans to strengthen the squad after the 2021/22.

It’s usually not easy to get players in the January transfer market. Even though the team’s financial condition is very good. It doesn’t guarantee that we will be able to recruit players who want to join the team success. I am satisfied with the strength within the team. I have already planned for a new recruit after the 2021/22 season is complete.