triathlon that you may never know

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Lately, we’ve become familiar with the name of the competition called triathlon. It must be said that competitions such as triathlon are very popular nowadays. The triathlon is suitable for people who are physically strong enough. however Despite how popular triathlons are. But there are still a lot of misconceptions about this sport. Today we have a story that you may not know about triathlon to leave each other.

Origin of triathlon

For triathlons, there are people who have great physical strength, good at running, good cycling and good at swimming. When playing well to a certain level, the respiratory system, muscular strength system works better. This results in the challenge of trying new things that are harder than ever. Triathlon was born to meet the needs of very athletic athletes.

Reasons for ordering current triathlons

Many of you may be wondering why triathlon starts with swimming first. Then continue with a bike ride and finish with a long run. The reason it started with swimming was because it was the lightest exercise among all three sports. Then comes the long-distance cycling that adds a bit more intensity. Finally finished at the marathon, which many people say is the hardest. If starting with a marathon and then continuing with swimming. May cause harm to the body as well Because the cold from the water and the heat of the body that has just passed running collide

Most of the problems facing novice athletes

The main problem facing triathletes is the player’s lack of expertise in all three sports. for example Some people run marathons with endurance and endurance. but not skilled at swimming Or some people are good at cycling. but not good at running These problems are not uncommon at all. Because each sport uses different muscles, each bundle is different. People who run regularly have different muscles in strength than those who regularly cycle. It’s best to keep practicing every sport.

Before becoming a triathlon today

Triathlon first competed in 1920 in France. This includes a 3-kilometer run, 12-kilometer bike ride and a non-stop canal swim. From that day until today, triathlon has grown in popularity greatly. Because it is a challenge for the athlete’s body and in another way transcending the limits of human beings.

If you are one of those who are interested in triathlon. It is advisable to choose to practice regularly. And also make sure that we have enough physical strength to go on the field. In order not to injure or harm the body itself.