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Lukaku wants to work with Conte at Spurs

Lukaku wants to work with Conte at Spurs

Chelsea’s Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku hopes to work with Antonio Conte again at Tottenham after his Chelsea split, with interviews showing no. Happiness with Chelsea anymore In an interview that Romelu Lukaku said he was unhappy with Chelsea with a not-so-good game plan. It turned

Granit Xhaka

Granit Xhaka tested positive for COVID-19 after being the first Premier League player to confirm that he will not be vaccinated

Granit Xhaka midfielder of Arsenal Hill chose not to get vaccinated cattle -19 David. Before he found the diagnosis is positive. while traveling to serve the national team From the confirmation of the Swiss Football Association. Xhaka is 28-year-old player did not play in the game. Switzerland beat Greece 2-1 in the middle of