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Get to know the meaning and benefits of athletics : Athletics

Athletics refers to a sport divided into track and field divisions.      Athletics, or athletics, is a Sanskrit term that refers to a type of physical education activity. Organized in the ” sport ” that is, athletics is a type of sport. It is divided into 2 departments:    


It’s winter. I want to burn fat. What sports should I do?

When it comes to winter, many people may think of snuggling under a warm blanket, refusing to move around in other activities. But did you know that this method will not only make you recover from the cold? It also makes you gain weight. Is it better? If we

knee injury problem with sports

knee injury problem with sports that you never knew

health problems It is an inevitable problem for everyone. If anyone who has already begun to grow old The more easily the health injury problems. And today we would like to please people who are sick with knee pain. and want to exercise What types of sports are right for you? Ready,

Running sports

Sports help burn excess fat. how good for the body Easy to play and fun to try.

Nowadays, there is a growing interest in physical health. Due to various pathogens that cause illnesses that have increased. having a healthy body Probably the best defense against disease. And it is definitely better than treatment. Good health cannot be bought. Everyone has to start building on their own. Repetitive daily activities


Volleyball and the story that you will love

When asked about the popularity of volleyball in Thailand. Believe that many people would be familiar with this sport and know the national team athletes as well, however, for anyone who likes the sport of volleyball. Would it be better if we chose to know about this

swimming sport

fun swimming sport both happiness and good health

The first water sport that everyone is well known for is swimming, which is one of the essential skills that must be learned and practiced from childhood. so parents Parents have to send their children to learn to swim. Because it is a basic skill in survival. If a

3 misconceptions

3 misconceptions about sports that you probably didn’t know about

When it comes to various sports, Thai people will probably only think of outdoor sports and indoor sports. But in fact, different sports in the world are different. The popularity of people in different countries differs depending on the terrain and climate. Like Thailand, they like to play


triathlon that you may never know

Lately, we’ve become familiar with the name of the competition called triathlon. It must be said that competitions such as triathlon are very popular nowadays. The triathlon is suitable for people who are physically strong enough. however Despite how popular triathlons are. But there are still a lot of misconceptions