Pochettino points out that the ‘Sing Blues’ wasted opportunities and lost to the ‘Forests’ at home.

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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino insists his team is better than their rivals. But I’m stuck at the point where I can’t make the door myself. Plus he missed and got shot again. So it was the cause of having to be defeated in the nest. causing disappointment to the supporters at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino believes his team lacks good finishing ability. Even though they create more opportunities than their competitors. And just one mistake caused the team to face defeat in the opening game, Stamford Bridge, narrowly losing to Nottingham Forest 0-1 in the English Premier League when Saturday, September 2, resulted in still only 4 points from 4 games.

Pochettino points out that the 'Sing Blues' wasted opportunities and lost to the 'Forests' at home.

The Blues had 76 percent more possession than the Foresters and had 21 chances to score. But only two were on target. As for the visiting team, there were only 7 chances, 3 of which were on target, and 1 of them was Anthony Elanga ‘s goal in the 48th minute. The home team attacked heavily. But unable to score an equalizing goal As a result, they failed to collect points in the second match of the 2023-2024 season.

“Today we can create opportunities. But we weren’t decisive enough in the final moments. We should have scored. If we want to win We made one mistake and it was their winning goal,” said the Argentinian. “I think this kind of game helps us become more mature. It’s not just about quality. But it’s also about competition in various forms. Of course, we can’t say that We don’t deserve more. But in football sometimes statistics reflect what you do. And in this case we created the work. But we couldn’t score and we only had a few shots on target.”

Previously, in the game where the Blues lost to West Ham United, they had 76 percent more possession, similar to the last match. That means They have an offensive problem they can’t solve. But the former Paris Saint-Germain and Tottenham Hotspur manager is still confident. His team will be able to turn the situation around. It just takes time. And it is too early to consider that. They are under pressure. Because the https://ufabet999.com season has just begun.

“We are building something and there are always ups and downs. We were unlucky because I think we deserved a lot more against West Ham and today’s game, but I still Believe in every member of the team,” said the 51-year-old head coach, before having time to fine-tune his performance for about two weeks during the international break. The next game will be away at Bournemouth on Sunday.