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There are many athletes who have tried to do this, but neither of them have been successful. But when he tried to play tennis, he only experienced 47 minutes of professional games, or even Rio Ferdinand, who has not yet been able to fight in the professional boxing ring. Finally, the project had to be folded away.

However, with the top athletes we’ll talk about here. to a special case Because they can practice until they become proficient and become professional athletes in 2 sports together.



Known for his speed and agility, Croatian left-wing Ivan Perisic from Inter Milan was a staple of the 2018 World Cup runners-up Croat, but there was another sport. where he can play at a professional level besides football

A year before runners-up, Perisic spent the summer of 2017 returning to his homeland of Croatia. To participate in beach volleyball, which at that time was also a representative of the Croatian national team.

“This has always been my dream. I have been playing beach volleyball since I was 10 years old. I am very passionate about it and play it every summer. Before, I was always training with my friends,” Perisic said after being included in the Croatian national team to play in the Porek Major.

“I would like to thank all parties for giving me the opportunity to represent the country. Duel with the best beach volleyball players in the world. It’s a wonderful feeling. Even if I lose.”


The five-time NBA ring holder with the San Antonio Spurs is a youngster born with the ultimate in athleticism. And basketball wasn’t the only sport he was good at.

It’s not known if it’s good luck or bad luck, with Tim being born in the Virgin Islands that puts him closer to the water than a basketball court. Hence the origin of the nickname Chao Sa during the age when he was a teenager.

Tim started playing sports from swimming first. It was a sport he excelled at until he won the men’s 400m singles at high school. And won the best swimmer of the country when he was 15 years old as well.  

“I grew up as a swimmer. And this sport is a sport that I personally like. It pushes itself a lot,” said NBA legend power forward.

However, his dream of becoming a swimmer faltered. When Hurricane “Hugo” hit Virgin Islands in 1989, it resulted in the island’s only standard swimming pool being damaged and unusable. which during this time made him turn to the best way to play basketball before discovering that this is the sport that unleashes his potential the most

Tim spent the rest of his middle school years. Sweep a lot of prizes, almost every kind of competition. It wasn’t until 1997 that he became the San Antonio Spurs’ No. 1 draft pick and a year later he won the rookie trophy. (Rookie) of the NBA and end his career as a basketball player in a nutshell. But as cool as “legend” in 2016



The term “best in class” can certainly be applied to Vicente Lizarazu. Because in the role of a footballer He reached the top by winning world and European titles with France in 1998 and 2000, and was also the UEFA Champions League with Bayern Munich in 2001.

Many football legends who have succeeded in their careers and started to release after retirement, but Lizarazu is one of the different because after hanging up a new challenge in life. That is a combat sport like Jujitsu.

“At that time, I quit playing football. and went to film a documentary in Brazil Then he found a jujitsu training center. I began to absorb it gradually. when you are interested in something You will begin to learn it deeply. and live with it.” He began to describe the origins of his entry into the arena.

Brilliant and serious propelled the former left-back to become European champions in 2009, inches from the day he retired. It was only 3 years since he started counting 1 in this martial art.

Currently, Lizarasu doesn’t stop there. He was looking for a new challenging path. And it’s not certain that he might even become a world champion in another sport.

“I love Muay Thai because in France there is a sport of Muay Thai. And there are many Muay Thai athletes. I want to come to Bangkok To learn the art of Mae Mai Muay Thai by yourself And when I go back to my hometown in France again I want to try Muay Thai there,” he concluded.



Thai football fans probably know this legend of the Iraqi national team very well. Because in the latter, when they meet, Mahmoud manages to score every war elephant army. It can be said that although he is an old tiger in Asian football, Mahmoud has deposited many continental works.

The record holder for 57 goals in 148 caps for the national team is not someone who has learned to play football since childhood. Because back in 1997, he was serious about basketball until he was awarded a professional contract to play for the Iraqi top league team Khahraba Al Dabis. It also shines and shines. in the position of the shooting card During that time, he played an important role in bringing the agency to promotion as well.

However, after only one year of performances in the Iraqi Basketball League, the team’s football coach, Muwafak Nuraddin, saw the prospect and tried to persuade Mahmoud to give up basketball and come. Dedicated to professional football Because it is a sport that pays many times higher, Mahmoud slapped the word without thinking. Before the start of the football path can be hot. By shooting 19 goals for the agency in the first year with the team. 

He seemed right. because after that, Mahmoud It develops itself steadily. Until he was nominated for the last 29 Ballon d’Or in 2007.



On the football journey, Luis Enrique was a successful player and coach. He has won La Liga titles with Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​while in his career he was able to lead Barcelona. win the uefa championship Champions League 1 more time

After he retired from Barca in 2004, Enrique experimented with a variety of sports including windsurfing and running, which eventually became the second sport he won. at a high level

Enrique became serious about running in 2005 and has competed in the New York Marathon, the Amsterdam Marathon in 2006, the Firenze Marathon in 2007 and the Marathon des Sabelles in 2008, which is A grueling show where contestants walk the Sahara Desert. with hot weather up to 50 degrees as well  

By competing in Florence, he crossed the finish line in less than three hours, and even more so when the current Spain coach used to take six days to run the show. ultra marathon with a distance of 156 miles as well