Volleyball and the story that you will love

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When asked about the popularity of volleyball in Thailand. Believe that many people would be familiar with this sport and know the national team athletes as well, however, for anyone who likes the sport of volleyball. Would it be better if we chose to know about this sport? You may know that you may love volleyball even more.

Before becoming a volleyball today

Volleyball is a sport that has been around since 1895. It was founded by William G. Morgan. The purpose of the invention of this sport was to have a winter sport. without playing outdoors But it can relieve stress when it’s snowing. For the reason that it is a sport of volleyball is because the inventor is watching tennis. and came up with an idea to apply the net used in tennis mixed with the rubber ball of the basketball Let’s fight back and forth. But while trying a basketball Instead, he found that the basketball was an inappropriate weight. Therefore came up with a special ball for this sport. At first it was called Mintonette.

volleyball rules

Want to have fun watching volleyball? What viewers should know is volleyball rules As for the rules of volleyball, first the playing area must be a wooden or cement floor without any obstacles. and the court shall be a rectangle, 9 meters wide and 18 meters long, with the perimeter of the field 5 centimeters wide, with a boundary line under the net. For the net must be 2.43 meters above the ground. Players in each team. Can enter the field 6 people at a time, in front of the net 3 people and after 3 people. Unlimited change of players. and must be dressed in the same competitive outfit

For how to play is The team that served Must allow people who play in the right-back position. is the game launcher Then the player will move the position in a circular motion. But for the service must listen to the whistle. and then begin to serve after the whistle in 5 seconds for determining who will serve as the team The team that loses points will allow the opposing team to switch to serve some. And when the volleyball comes into anyone’s territory You can play the ball only 3 times.

The ufabet benefits of playing volleyball

There are many benefits of playing volleyball. The first is to strengthen health. The second is to bring more harmony. Suitable for playing in a group of friends. Or play for competitions between classes as well. This is because volleyball is an easy and fun sport to play.

If anyone wants to play volleyball It is advisable to start with the ball serving. Raising children first is the best. For anyone who is not sure if we can play or not. May study from the video clip to study the technique of playing first as well. Try to be willing to practice. indomitable to obstacles This just allows us to enjoy playing volleyball now.