3 misconceptions about sports that you probably didn’t know about

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When it comes to various sports, Thai people will probably only think of outdoor sports and indoor sports. But in fact, different sports in the world are different. The popularity of people in different countries differs depending on the terrain and climate. Like Thailand, they like to play outdoor sports. Due to the weather in Thailand, there is no snow. The countries in the polar region Will be more popular in winter sports because the terrain is more favorable Whether it is sports such as skiing, ice skating, etc., and today we would like to take a look at some misconceptions about sports that you probably never knew existed. What will be there to see together?

  1. Running is a sport that can help you lose weight.

Many people turn to running because they want to take care of their health. Some people run because they want to have a slender figure. But in fact, running is not a sport that can lose weight. If the runners do not control their food intake each day Some people focus on running too hard until they lose weight. Without knowing that, in fact, if you exercise too much cardio. It will reduce muscle instead of reduced fat. Therefore, it is recommended that if you want to lose weight you need to do cardio exercises. Along with weight training If you control your diet, reduce sweet, oily and salty, it will make your weight loss easier.

When it comes to athletics There are often misconceptions that it is only running sports. But actually athletics is a sport that means Track and field sports These include sprints no more than 400 meters, relay races, hurdles. running, jumping, throwing weights

Discus throwing, javelin throw, etc. For athletics, it requires a lot of practice. So you can play with fun and versatility. At the same time, it requires a strong body. because it uses quite a lot of strength

  • Water sports are swimming only.

Some people mistakenly assume that water sports are just swimming. But in fact, water sports include underwater dancing, diving, and water polo. Each type of water sport has different details. For example, swimming is divided into different swimming competitions, etc. What is important for water sports viewers is Must know the rules first. So you can enjoy watching that kind of sport.

And this is the story of the different sports that people often misunderstand. If you are the one who wants to be healthier than before. It is advisable to choose the type of sport you like. and practice regularly That’s it, you will definitely be good at that sport. Importantly, playing sports also helps develop personality in another way.