knee injury problem with sports that you never knew

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health problems It is an inevitable problem for everyone. If anyone who has already begun to grow old The more easily the health injury problems. And today we would like to please people who are sick with knee pain. and want to exercise What types of sports are right for you? Ready, let’s see

What causes knee pain?

If you mention knee pain Many people are probably wondering what caused it. I must ask that the pain or pain in the knee caused by injuries from exercise tendon inflammation Although it can be found at any age however The most common group was the elderly. or being overweight

Sports suitable for people with knee pain

  1. aerobic dance

For sports, the first thing that I would recommend you to try is aerobics Do not choose dance moves that include jumping moves or moves that may cause additional knee injuries. It’s important to remember to look for shoes that are suitable for sports as well to reduce impact.

  • yoga

For those who want to do stretching exercises It is recommended that yoga is best practiced. Because doing yoga will help stretch the muscles very well. But for those who have chronic disease problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, may have to avoid yoga postures that are too heavy or make the body too tired Including avoiding yoga after eating.

Sports that are not suitable for people with knee injuries

  1. run

Running is a sport that is more impactful. And more importantly, if there is already overweight. If running may cause more knee pain. or some people who do not have problems with knee pain But wearing shoes that are not suitable for running It may cause knee injuries.

  • football

This is a sport for people who suffer from knee injuries. including sports that should be avoided If you want to be strong You should keep exercising regularly. Even with knee problems, you can find the type of sport or exercise that works for you. Exercise and play sports today is The most worthwhile investment in health