Watford have brought in Ranieri as their new manager.

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Cisco can lead Watford back up to the English Premier League again as the second team. Watford’s aim is to level up as a regular in the English Premier League. Not relegated again, with Cisco appearing to have done an excellent job. Watford secured an early win in the opening match despite facing Aston Villa. Guard also faced a big storm with three consecutive defeats without scoring a goal.

Despite a successful win over Norwich City. The situation did not improve and also missed a draw with Newcastle United. Causing Watford had to part with Cisco immediately. It was Claudio Ranieri. Because he has been in charge of many teams. He is also one of the most successful managers in the English Premier League.

Claudio Ranieri previously led Leicester City to Premier League titles before moving on to manage several teams. Recently parted ways with Sampdoria at the end of the season in 2020/21. Claudio Ranieri is unemployed. Watford are in search of a new manager. Watford have announced the signing of Claudio Ranieri. Claudio Ranieri’s first match against Watford being against Liverpool.