Granit Xhaka tested positive for COVID-19 after being the first Premier League player to confirm that he will not be vaccinated

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Granit Xhaka midfielder of Arsenal Hill chose not to get vaccinated cattle -19 David. Before he found the diagnosis is positive. while traveling to serve the national team From the confirmation of the Swiss Football Association.

Xhaka is 28-year-old player did not play in the game. Switzerland beat Greece 2-1 in the middle of last week. After testing positive for COVID-19 early on the day of the match. It has already separated from his teammates. Which Xhaka will have to stay in Switzerland for another 10 days to heal from the virus.

However, Adrian Arnold head of communications at the Swiss Football Association. He has confirmed that Shakahas refused to receive vaccination against COVID-19 Prior to infection. We let each player decide for himself. Just like everyone in Switzerland. We have suggested that everyone should be vaccinated. But he decides for himself. It is his right not to vaccinate.”