Aguero is furious after Barca announced he would split up with Messi.

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Barcelona’s new striker, Sergio Aguero is very upset with the club. After they announced their official separation from “Lionel Messi” because the total wages of the team exceeded the rules of La Liga. 

Credit FC Barcelona Facebook Page

Lionel Messi and the club are determined sign a new contract again. Where both parties have agreed personal terms with approximate details. Messi will cut his wages by 50% sign a five-year contract. The option to terminate his contract at the end of two years, but the signing will not take place. Because of obstacles to the financial structure of Barcelona

After he intends to leave Manchester City at the beginning of this summer. to play with his best friend in Barcelona

Aguero and Messi have played together with the Argentina national team for more than 10 years, but have never played together at club level. The former Manchester City striker has cut his wages by 75% from what he had at City. In order to move to the Barca team by rejecting offers that offer more than others

It reported Paris Saint-Germain have offered him a two-year contract. Which they are the favorites to get Messi to join the team.

Barcelona president Laporta insists Messi has a number of offers on the table. But he did not specify the name of the club of interest.

Lionel Messi’s performance for Barcelona’s senior team: He made 778 appearances, scoring 672 goals and 305 assists.