“Nets” beats “Celtics” 123-109, high in the fourth round, stuffed into the NBA east.

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The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Boston Celtics 123-109 to end the playoffs in a 4-1 series, qualifying for the quarter-finals of the NBA Eastern Conference.

On June 2, 64, the 2020-21 NBA season, play-off round, the Brooklyn Nets play against the Boston Celtics, with the past 4 games being Brooklyn. who have been on the podium ahead of 3-1 series

Opening the first quarter, the Brooklyn Nets had a great opening header. After leading the Boston Celtics 31-24 in the second quarter, the Brooklyn Nets picked up just one point more than the Boston Celtics. Make the score 59-51

then the third quarter The game format is similar to the last quarter, with the Boston Celtics one point more than the Brooklyn Nets. That’s still the Brooklyn Nets leading the Boston Celtics to 86-79 and in the final quarter. The Brooklyn Nets added 37 points to defeat the Boston Celtics by 123-109, finishing 4-1 in the series and progressing to the quarter-finals of the NBA Eastern Conference.