Football fans flock to receive heroes! italian national team Arrived at home, happened to celebrate the Euro 2020 championship (pictures)

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The Azzurri, the Italian national team, the winner of Euro 2020, have returned to their homeland. Get ready for a bus parade to celebrate their 2nd European Championship in Rome. On Monday, July 12 (local time)

by the European champions, led by the team’s coach Roberto Mancini, met with President Sergio Mattarella and Mario Draghi. Prime Minister, two leaders of the country at the Shiki Palace to take a commemorative photo

which the Italian President Has praised the players for doing a great job until they finally win the championship. “I may not be a big football fan, but I think you guys deserve to be champions.”

Then the cup procession began with a short path. heading through to Venezia Square to celebrate the championship with the fans who came to wait to welcome more than 50,000 people before returning to the hotel to separate to find their family

for the works of The Italian national team in the European Football Championship 2020 must say that they did well along the way. Before in the finals They drew 1-1 with England in regular time 90 minutes before winning 3-2 on penalties, marking their second win since 1968, more than 53 years.