This Olympics, every participating country must have someone responsible for the added CLO position.

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What comes easy, won’t last, What lasts won’t come easy. What lasts a long time… Usually doesn’t come easily.  Just know that Prof. Dr. Kunkanya Chokpaiboonkit That some politicians tried to cast a sin about choosing a vaccine to use even though she didn’t know anything about it, she was actually Mon Chokpaiboonkit’s beloved daughter. The boss of the big department store of FBT or Thai football, the famous brand in our home sports battle. News that it also helps take care of finances and foreign jobs for Apa too. Awesome.

At this Olympics , all participating countries will have an extra person responsible for the role of CLO, or “COVID 19 Liaison officer” . In which the Thai team has assigned Nor. (Special) Dr. Paisan Chanthitapitak to take this role along with the position. The head of the medical team of Thai athletes wears 2 hats, more work, but the same allowance

Dedicated with all his heart to everything, but did not receive the response as he should. The bonds we have for each other are ready to tear down every second. This is the gap of the relationship that is beyond healing between Pol Gen Somyot Phum. Purple varieties with Akira Nishino at present

But with the close friendship of Thai Football Association and Japanese Football Association Making it impossible to move anything easily, otherwise “Ajarn No” may end up with the same fate as Milowan Rajewash and Kiattisak Senamuang in the style of “Think Fast, Talk Fast, Act Fast  of “Big Odd” for sure.

Please wait for another 7 days , Akira Nishino will fly back to Thailand. This event, if “Ajarn No” does not fix the weakness of the translator and the team by still sticking to the same style as I came alone, it is possible that there will be a chance. to end with either way, because it reaches a dead end with both sides

Previously, the Thai Spanish national futsal coach, Pulpis, had just parted ways with the association in a good way, but some players came out to post abruptly that they just changed horses. in the middle of the battle It’s difficult to succeed. Will this change the warlord really succeed? Plus, with riddles, those who speak don’t know, and those who know don’t speak, seem to signal something.

Ending with the depressing news Anyone who hasn’t seen it for himself doesn’t know how painful it is to have to come. Both of them lost their parents within a few days.

Dr. Thanya Phowijit, or “Ped Chuen Yim”, was heartbroken again when Father Suthep Phowijit passed away at the age of 94 from Covid-19. Last Friday morning, “VAR” would like to express my condolences as a second battle on this occasion.