“Hawks” buries “Sixers” at home, closes the series, soaring to the Eastern finals

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“Atlanta Hawks” invaded the “Seventy Sixers” to the local area 103-96, closing the series, soaring into the Eastern Conference Finals.

On June 21, 64, the NBA playoff round of the East Coast between “Philadelphia Seventy Sixers” opens home against “Atlanta Hawks”, which both teams want. Just victory to advance to the next round now. Always 3-3 in the series.

The host “Sixers” with full encouragement. won the last match Can still hold on to one more game, led by “Joel Embedded”, a teenage late clash with “Ben Simmons” Big Man made the game. The main players are considered complete and complete the series at home.

As for “Hawks”, who lost in the previous game, had to visit the “Sixers” again, but still did not give up, led by “Tre Young”, the team’s main three points. that carry from the first round to the deepest round Ready to command the game to win away from home

Opening the first quarter, the “Sixers” played at home a little more advantageously, leading before 28-25.

Next comes the second quarter. Both still form close games, but “Hawks” is superior in this quarter, finishing the first half “Atlanta Hawks” leading the “Seventy Sixers” 48-46.

In the third quarter, the Hawks were still in the lead. Leaving far away for a moment 76-71

then the fourth quarter Both teams put their heads up. easily disagree Until the end of the game, “Hawks” who fights over, won this match to

finish the game, “Atlanta Hawks” invaded the “Seventy Sixers” 103-96, making it possible to close. The series went 4-3 into the next round where the “Milwaukee Bucks” warmed up to cope. in the Eastern Championship

For this game, “Atlanta Hawks” has “Kevin Herter” who plays for the whole fight. Scored the most to 27 points, the “Philadelphia Seventy Sixers” has “Joel Embedded” pressed to 31 points, 11 rebounds, but still not enough to be. Winner. ufabet